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The Theta Devas

The Theta Devas are Australia’s 1st ThetaHealing® Masters and holders of Certificate of Science in ThetaHealing®.



Pauline Longdon

Pauline is Australia’s 1st ThetaHealing® Master and holds her Certificate of Science in ThetaHealing®.

Pauline is a Metaphysical Teacher who is committed to empowering people to live the life that they have always dreamt of.  Pauline has also used the tools that she teaches to others, to overcome her own personal battle with Major Depression.  It was this condition that lead her on her Spiritual Journey.

From and early age, Pauline knew that she was different to others, she could heal things and always “knew” things she couldn’t explain.  She was born an Indigo Child, and through ThetaHealing® has now changed her energies to a Rainbow Child Vibration.  As a natural healer, she was attracted to Nursing as a career, and furthered that career in the Royal Australian Army Nursing Corps.  She served for 14 years and achieved the rank of Major (MAJ). Pauline was deployed to East Timor and the Solomon Islands on back to back deployments, which saw her global consciousness open and expand.  Unfortunately the deployments also saw Pauline slide into the depths of depression.  She saw it as a huge message from the Universe and took discharge in September 2005.

As soon as Pauline was free from the Army, Spiritual mentors and teachers started to appear and Pauline accepted their guidance and support through what was a tough time in her life.  Pauline studied NLP & Ericssonian Hypnosis, became Australia’s first ThetaHealing® Master in Nov 08, Angel Intuitive (with Advanced Teachings), and has used all of these tools to free herself from the depths of depression.

Pauline was able to re-create her life by using ThetaHealing® and co-founded “Theta Devas – The New Wave in ThetaHealing®” with her business partner Rae Brent.  In staying true to the teachings of Vianna Stibal, the founder of ThetaHealing®, Theta Devas – The New Wave in ThetaHealing® is a sacred and safe place for people to experience the wonders of ThetaHealing® as a client or training to be a practitioner.

Pauline has managed to combine her spiritual journey and her wealth creation endeavors and has emerged as a Spiritual Entrepreneur.  This term encompasses the qualities of Spirituality, Wealth and Ecology (Right for me, Right for you, Right for the Planet) and is the way in which she is currently living her life.

Pauline’s loves include: music, spending time in nature, meeting new friends, most types of personal development, co-creating healings and teaching.

Pauline likes to think of her teaching style as more of an exchange of knowledge.  She learns from her students as much as they learn from her.  Pauline has a natural teaching style that is fun, comfortable and informative to the student.  After attending a course facilitated by Pauline, prepare yourself for a huge transformation.

“Man’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions”. ~Oliver Wendell Holmes

Pauline’s Qualifications:

ø   ThetaHealing® Certificate of Science
ø   Australia’s 1st ThetaHealing® Master (formerly Doctorate of Ministry in ThetaHealing®)
ø   ThetaHealing Soul Mate Teacher and Practitoner
ø   ThetaHealing® DNA 3 Teacher and Practitioner
ø   ThetaHealing® Disease & Disorder Teacher and Practitioner
ø   ThetaHealing® World Relations Course Teacher and Practitioner
ø   ThetaHealing® Intutitive Anatomy Teacher and Practitioner
ø   Basic & Advanced ThetaHealing® Teacher and Practitioner
ø   ThetaHealing® Manifestation and Abundance Teacher and Practitioner

ø  Angel Intuitive with Advanced Teachings™

ø  Master NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner
ø  NLP Trainer & Practitioner
ø  Master Results Coach & Performance Consultant

ø  Master Eriksonian Hypnosis

ø  Christopher Howard ‘Fast Track’ Graduate & ‘Hall of Fame’ Inductee

ø  2007 Jay Abraham Ultimate Business Building Bootcamp Graduate

ø  Cert. IV in Assessment and Workplace Training

ø  Retired Registered Nurse (RN) – Bachelor of Nursing & Nurse Educator

ø  Spiritual Entrepreneur

ø 1991-2005 Australian Regular Army (ARA) – Retired Rank of Major (MAJ) in the Royal Australian Army Nursing Corps (RAANC)

Overseas Deployments:

East Timor 2003 and Solomon Islands 2003/04


AASM (East Timor), ASM (Solomon Islands), UN (United Nations)

To Contact Pauline Direct…Email her at:  Pauline@ThetaDevas.com


Rae Brent

Rae is Australia’s 2nd ThetaHealing® Master and holds her Certificate of Science in ThetaHealing®.

Rae was born and raised in Launceston, Tasmania prior to joining the Australian Regular Army in September 1993 and moving over to Mainland Australia (The North Island) where she continues to reside till this present day.

Rae  served in the Australian Regular Army (ARA) and Australian Army  Reserves (ARes) for over 16 years and during that time she was employed  within the Royal Australian Army Pay Corps (RAAPC) as a Pay Clerk.  She  was also employed as a Recruit Instructor, Weapons Instructor &  Small Arms Coach and acted in the capacity of a Mobile Cash Office on  overseas deployments.

Rae  was medically discharged from the ARA in November 2005, at the rank of  Sergeant (SGT) suffering from shoulder and neck injuries and  subsequently was (as an added bonus) labeled with Major Depression.  With  her life turned upside down, drugged out on pain killers and physically  incapable of any type of work, Rae decided to commence a journey to  change her mindset through personal development and audio books.

In 2004, Rae co-founded Lifestyle Phoenix Group with her business partner Pauline.  The Phoenix Logo was symbolic of both Rae and Pauline’s rise from the ashes of their respective Army careers.

Lifestyle Phoenix Group’s motto is: “Empowering people to resurrect their lifestyle dreams from their financial ashes”.  Not  knowing how she was going to achieve this, Rae left the details in the  hands of the Creator/Universe for her ‘best and highest’.

What  followed, were a series of unfolding events that led Rae on an amazing  journey of personal growth and attracting mentors and opportunities into  her life that previously she would have never dreamed of for herself.

Rae has been accredited as a Master NLP Practitioner and Trainer and trained in Ericksonian Hypnosis.  This  was a logical stepping stone for Rae, taking her from a dominant left  brained analytical Army Soldier to Australia’s second ThetaHealing®  Master and Spiritual Entrepreneur.

In  early 2007, Rae felt that there was something missing to her investing  strategies and personal belief systems around wealth creation.  After  seeing the change that ThetaHealing® had made in Pauline’s life, Rae  decided to attend a Basic ThetaHealing® Practitioner’s course.  Seeing  the potential that this modality could bring in to her investing and  wealth creation life, Rae set about completing the Advanced  ThetaHealing® Practitioner’s Course, a three week Intuitive Anatomy  ThetaHealing™ Practitioner’s Course and then caped it off with the  Teacher’s courses in Basic & Advanced ThetaHealing™ as well as  Vianna’s Manifesting and Abundance Teacher’s Course in October 2007.

Rae started to see immediate results in her investing and personal growth once she combined ThetaHealing® with her Wealth Creation strategies.  Rae calls this synergy “Wealthality”.  It is also a main concept in her latest book “The Money Mirror”, which has been published by TAG Publishing.  This development is a direct result of applying ThetaHealing® into Rae’s life using Belief Work and Manifestations.

After completing the ThetaHealing® Basic, Advanced and Manifesting & Abundance Teacher’s Courses in 2007, Rae and Pauline birthed “Theta Devas – The New Wave in ThetaHealing®”, the ThetaHealing® Training Division of Lifestyle Phoenix Group.  Theta Devas -The New Wave in ThetaHealing® is  a safe and sacred place where people can experience ThetaHealing® for  themselves and learn how to be a ThetaHealing® Practitioner and continue  to improve their skills through practice groups and personal mentoring.  It is also a place where people are shown how to implement  ThetaHealing® into their day to day lives and truly LIVE A THETA LYF STL.

With an energetic, spirited and warm personality with a grounded sense of humor, Rae believes in an abundance mentality for all.  There is more than enough for everyone.

Rae’s favorite quote comes from the Upanishads and states “From Abundance, he took Abundance, and still Abundance remained”.  Rae is passionate about empowering people to succeed in living the life they want and achieving all of their goals.

Rae has a ferocious curiosity, which continues to propel her forward on her life’s journey.  Her loves include: investing in property, practicing and teaching and most forms of personal and spiritual development.

Rae’s Qualifications:

ø   ThetaHealing® Certificate of Science
ø   Australia’s 2nd ThetaHealing® Master (formerly Doctorate of Ministry in ThetaHealing®)
ø   ThetaHealing® Soul Mate Practitoner
ø   ThetaHealing® DNA 3 Teacher and Practitioner
ø   ThetaHealing® Disease & Disorder Teacher and Practitioner
ø   ThetaHealing® World Relations Course Teacher and Practitioner
ø   ThetaHealing® Intutitive Anatomy Teacher and Practitioner
ø   Basic & Advanced ThetaHealing® Teacher and Practitioner
ø   ThetaHealing® Manifestation and Abundance Teacher and Practitioner

ø   Master NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner
ø   NLP Trainer
ø   Master Results Coach & Performance Consultant

ø   Master Eriksonian Hypnosis

ø   Christopher Howard ‘Fast Track’ Graduate & ‘Hall of Fame’ Inductee
ø   2007 Jay Abraham Ultimate Business Building Bootcamp Graduate
ø   Cert. IV in Vocational Training and Mentoring
ø   Cert. IV in Pay Administration
ø   Cert. IV in Frontline Management

ø   Spiritual Entrepreneur

ø   Internationally Published Author of The Money Mirror

ø   Property Investor since 1996

ø  1993-2005 Australian Regular Army (ARA) – Retired Rank of Sergeant (SGT) in the Royal Australian Army Pay Corps (RAAPC)

ø  1989-1993 Australian Army Reserve (ARES) – Attained Rank of Corporal (CPL) in RAAPC

Overseas Deployments:

Bougainville 2001 and East Timor 2002


Australia Day Medallion 2001 – recognition for being an outstanding Recruit Instructor at 1 RTB/ARTC (1st Recruit Training Battalion / Army Recruit Training Centre) 1998-2000


AASM (East Timor), ASM (Bougainville), UN (United Nations), DFSM (Defence Force Long Service Medal)

To Contact Rae Direct…Email her at: Rae@ThetaDevas.com



ThetaHealing® – Vianna Stibal

My name is Vianna. I am the founder of the technique ThetaHealing®.  In 1995 I received an instant healing from cancer through the Creator of  All That Is. Since then, I have healed myself through the Creator many  times using ThetaHealing®.

From the first time that I had an Instantaneous Healing my curiosity  has always been the same; “what made my leg heal so fast?” Years later I  was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Yet again I found another  way to make my heart heal incredibly fast. Once again I asked the same  question, “what made my body heal so fast?” Perhaps the correct question  should be “why did I have to get sick in the first place?” As always,  the Creator answered me with the same patience. I was told, “Vianna you  have a resilient body. You should bless your body. Encourage your body,  don’t discourage it.”

I’ve witnessed thousands of instant healings with my clients and my  students. I have spent my time since 1995 showing others how to do this  simple meditation and receive results. In 2000 I began to certify others  to teach it.

ThetaHealing® is best described as a way to tap into clear answers.  It also enables the participant to find limiting beliefs and change them  instantly. No long goals, no reading affirmations, no voodoo who-do,  just a simple realization and decision to change them and then  witnessing the Creator instantly change them. The Four Level Belief Work  was shown to me to help my clients.

After  I was healed from cancer, people found me. The very sick came in  droves. I asked the Creator how to help them. Some got better with just  simple Healings. Others did not, and I was told they believed they  should be sick. Working with Belief Systems was not new to me at the  time. I had been married to a hypnotist and despite our differences he  was good at what he did. But hypnosis was a long process. Some of the  beliefs were genetic and historic. God showed me the Four Level Belief  Work after I remarried my man from Montana, Guy Stibal. The results were  amazing people came from everywhere to be healed and taught. Then the  Feeling Work was formed. The ThetaHealing® book and Advanced  ThetaHealing® describe the technique. There are certified teachers in  ThetaHealing® everywhere as I share my answers and prayers with the  world. Most of the teachers I’ve taught are amazing, only a few have  brought me heartache. Still I am driven by a sense of purpose to share  what I know. I know that there is a Creator and we are part of it. That  we are divine and as we clear limiting beliefs, all things are possible.  I cannot deny that I was healed as my x-rays of my leg are a constant  reminder. I have watched things instantly appear (with witnesses of  course.) I healed my car (with witnesses of course.) I have seen people  heal and others that did not. But I have a knowing that the Creator is  Real and no matter what religion you are you can tap into it.

I have dedicated my life to the Creator, teaching others the  realization that we are one. Through this journey, I have found ways of  helping myself and others to have health, love and joy.

ThetaHealing®’s amazing success is based on the purity of the work  and the devotion of its teachers and practitioners that love and spread  this work over many cultures. Each teacher and practitioner brings their  own amazing experience, but the technique stays pure.

More About Vianna Stibal

Vianna Stibal is a grandmother, an artist and a writer. Her natural charisma and compassion for those in need of help have also given her the ability to be titled intuitive and teacher.

After being taught how to connect with the Creator to co-create and facilitate this unique process called ThetaHealing®, Vianna knew that she must share this gift with as many people as she could. It was this love and appreciation for the Creator and humankind that allowed her to develop the ability to see clearly into the human body and witness many instantaneous healings.

Her encyclopedic knowledge of the body’s systems and deep understanding of the human psyche, based on her own experience as well as the insight given to her by the Creator, makes Vianna the perfect practitioner of this amazing technique. She has successfully worked with such medical challenges as Hepatitis C, Epstein-Barr, AIDS, herpes, tumors, various types of cancers, and many other conditions, diseases and genetic defects.

Vianna knows that the ThetaHealing® technique is teachable, but beyond that she knows that it needs to be taught. Vianna conducts seminars all over the world to teach people of all races, beliefs and religions. She has trained teachers and practitioners who are working in fourteen countries, but her work will not stop there! Vianna is committed to spreading this healing paradigm throughout the world.

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