Assault With A “Friendly” Weapon

In my training as a Registered Nurse, I learned all about the legalities of what my role as a Nurse would involve. And one of the very valuable topics that we studied was assault and battery. When a Nurse says that they are going to do a procedure to a patient that the patient doesn’t want, it is assault. When the Nurse does the procedure against the wishes/ consent of the patient, then that is assault and battery. We also learnt in great detail the many forms of consent and were always 100% clear on what consent was needed in order to treat our patients.

How is this relevant to ThetaHealing® or Complimentary Therapists I hear you ask. Well it is of great importance. Over the past few months (since my last blog post ), I have been teaching ThetaHealing® almost non stop, and I have met a huge number of people who have gone to Healers (of many different modalities) for a particular treatment say a massage, and ended up being treated with another type of treatment altogether. The Therapist usually says that it is the more suitable treatment for the needs of the client, but it is not what the client has consented or agreed to.

I guess that it is just my Nursing background, but the thought of this happening is amazing to me. Of course I totally get that you would suggest a treatment but to go ahead and actually do against the clients wishes is both disrespectful to your client, and it is technically assault and battery.

Here are a few examples: one woman (a ThetaHealing® Practitioner) I met just wanted a relaxing one hour massage but ended up being lectured to by the practitioner for over 45 minutes of the session about the benefits of a new healing modality that “totally replaced ThetaHealing®”, and even when she refused the treatment the practitioner just “did” the healing anyway and did a 15 minute massage. Another woman went to a Practitioner for Reiki and ended up having a Bowen treatment. Regardless of the modality, I think that this is unacceptable.

So what if we were to put this situation into another context (You know I love metaphors). What if a patient rings the call bell and asks a nurse for a painkiller to relieve pain from recent stomach surgery, and the Nurse knows of a different way to relieve pain and so they suggests the new treatment but the patient refuses. The Nurse really wants to try it anyway so they walk up to the patient and slaps them across the face thus distracting the patients attention from their pain. The procedure is successful and the patient no longer has stomach pain, but the nurse has committed assault and battery. Well as extreme as you may think that this example is, it is exactly what the above mentioned Therapists are doing, they just don’t see it that way.

As a Nurse, even though I knew that a treatment would save a persons life, if the patient refused it, I couldn’t give it. As another example, I was nursing an elderly woman who needed a blood transfusion to save her life, no big deal you think? Unfortunately it was, because she was a Jehovah’s Witness. People know that you can not give a Jehovah’s Witness a blood transfusion even when it will save their life (There are a few exceptions to this rule but they do involve legal teams and have huge moral and ethical consequences). So what do you do? Do you just stand there and watch someone die? Yes you do, it is called free will and it is called respecting the rights of the patient.

So why is it different in the Complimentary and Alternative Therapy world? Well, is it really different or is it just that Therapists “think” that they are different.? In ThetaHealing™ from the very first course, we are taught to respect people’s free will. If our Medical Professionals ever did what the practitioner’s are doing, there would be a public outcry and it would be in every News Service around the world. The Medical Professional would be disciplined, they may even lose their professional registration and in some cases they will end up with a criminal record.

The way I apply my Nursing ethics to ThetaHealing® makes it such a great fit for me. ThetaHealing® for me has the same respect for clients as I did for my patients when I was a Nurse. I uphold the same degree of professionalism and confidentiality in my practice as a ThetaHealer®. And I only ever do what the client agrees to. No downloads are ever done against the clients wishes and I obtain their verbal consent to each procedure that is done. For me Spirituality is all about ‘Flow’ and never about ‘Force’, so why are people forcing their will and healings upon non consenting clients.

So now I ask you, what would happen if something went wrong whilst the Practitioner was doing the healing that the client didn’t want or agree to? Where would that leave the Practitioner legally? Have you technically assaulted your client and would they be able to sue you or press charges? As a practitioner do you have indemnity insurance? I know that these are things we don’t want to think/talk about but they are a reality that we need to be aware of.

So to finish off I leave you with this one thought. What makes us different to the Medical Professionals? Nothing!

Thanks for reading,

Love, Light and Learning.

Pauline Longdon xxx

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