Spiritual Messages in Modern Media

So many people say to me that they are waiting for a sign or a message from the Creator, The Universe etc but they never seem to get them. This is an interesting dilemma. Is it that there isn’t a message being sent or is it that the person is not open to receiving it? Or do they just try to over think it or over analyse it.

People really start to doubt the existence of God because they think that it is a very one-sided conversation. But what if God, the Creator, Universe etc spoke through the things around us. Just to clarify, I am not talking about a talking toaster or if suddenly a person on TV starts talking directly to you. It can be much more subtle than that.

Every second we are bombarded with tens of millions of pieces of information but can only handle a minute fraction of all that. We have what is called a Reticular Activating System (RAS), and this is what prevents us from getting overwhelmed and overloaded. Our belief system (BS) helps to program the RAS, so if we are not noticing things maybe we need to tweak our beliefs so that we can. Remember in my last post I talked about how we create in our lives what we say about ourself, well this is a great example. What about if I were to say that God never listens or speaks to me? What would happen there, even if there was a huge booming “God” voice, my RAS would not pick it up. So on the other hand if my belief is that God always listens to me and speaks to me, it will not require a huge “God” voice to get my attention, the message can be subtle and I will receive it.

One of my strengths in life is to notice the little things (The distinction is in the noticing, not concerning, concentrating, obsessing etc, this allows me to notice and then move on.) This strength lies in a belief, and therefore it will influence my RAS. I will be out and about experiencing my day and anytime I have a question or want to know something, I just need to allow the answer to come in the way that it does.

A recent example is when I went to see the movie, Avatar. This is a really awesome movie, and it is filled with many spiriutual messages. One message that was particularly poignant was when the main character Jake was connecting to the tree of souls (Mother Goddess Ehwa) to ask for help, Neytiri said to him that the Goddess doesn’t work that way and that she only maintains the balance of life. Jake says that it couldn’t hurt to ask for help. This scene was a message to me to live without placing restrictions on the ability of The Creator and those around me. How many times have you restricted the potential of those around you or even yourself? I know I used to.

When I was on my first Advanced ThetaHealing™ Course my Teacher, who is an amazing woman, would often talk about the conversations that she was having with God/ The Creator and I sat in awe just wishing that one day I could have the same strong connection as she had. Well, I was teaching the very same course only last year when one of my students said to me that they wished that they had as strong a connection as I had.  This comment made me sit up and appreciate how far I had come (yet another important message). How many people would like to be as connected as Vianna is, yet they are unaware of how connected they really are. Maybe Vianna is more open to receiving the messages than others, and if that is the case then it is only a matter of changing your beliefs to be more connected.

With my own connection, I also get messages through music. I will be thinking of an idea and a song will come on with a line of lyrics that provide me with an accurate insight. Now I know people could say that I am just making the song fit into the situation, and you know what they are right… according to them (BS and RAS). According to me, my reality is the one I need to concern myself with. I even had a person once tell me that I wasn’t getting to the 7th plane because I get messages in the form of lyrics. She said that I was working on the 6th Plane where music and tones are used. Lucky for me I am not easily influenced and her comments had no effect, because I know 100% where my messages come from. And you know what, she was only talking through her RAS!

So no matter what form or what media your messages come to you in, as long as you are looking for and open to receiving it, you will. As a novice ThetaHealing™ Practitoner, I never thought that I would be as connected as I am today. I am truly living the ThetaHealing™ Lifestyle, I am constantly connected to the 7th Plane energy and life is amazing. Everyday I notice the little things and give thanks to the messages that I am receiving, however they chose to come. And I find that the messages are a lot clearer when I take my head out of my RAS.

Thanks for reading,

Love, Light, Laughter and Learning,

Pauline xxx

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