Standing Proud – Know Your Value

I might be kicking a hornets nest, lets see…

Something I am learning from studying marketing and spirituality is that people value and respect people who value and respect themselves.

I am constantly seeing people lower their prices, undertcut “competitiors” and use dirty tactics in order to make a sale.

It may work in the short term but such short sightedness might just be your biggest down fall. Consumers are smarter than that.

If price was so important everyone would know how much a Happy Meal at Mc Donalds costs!

They sell millions of those things a day and people willingly hand over their money not knowing the price, because of the value it has i.e. a happy child with some food and a toy. (keep your mind on my point not the politics of buying Mc Donalds!!)
Value yourself and what you do and others will too.

If they don’t… they are not the people for you and lowering your value just cheapens who you are and what you do!!
Stand proud, know your value and be as amazing as you are meant to be!! Share that with the world!!

Pauline Longdon

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