“You Set The Bar for ThetaHealing™ Teachers”

You two Theta Devas are Phenomenal! Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!  You set the bar for ThetaHealing™ Teachers.  It’s one I’m glad to have seen.  I have learnt so much and am honoured to have been taught by you!  With much love and gratitude!

– Joss Hobson, ThetaHealing™ Master & Certificate of Science (ThetaHealing™), New Zealand


“An Enlightening Course!”

What an Enlightening Course!  I was so pleased to be in the company of such caring, passionate teachers.  Pauline was so patient and knowledgeable and presented the information in a format that was easy to follow and understand.  My healing journey in ThetaHealing™ has just begun and I will continue to learn under these ‘Masters’

– Carol Shallue, Victoria, Australia


“Extremely Educational And Lots Of FUN!”

Thankyou Pauline and Rae.  I thoroughly enjoyed participating in your Basic ThetaHealing™ Course.  Your ThetaHealing™ Course was taught with such enthusiasm and honesty as well as being extremely educational and lots of FUN!  I can’t wait to start practicing my new ThetaHealing™ modality with my Massage and Reiki Clients and Students.  Namaste.

– Royleena Nicholas, Brisbane, Australia


“The Ultimate Healing Modality!”

I really enjoyed the course content – loaded with fabulous information – delivered confidently, concisely and with humour.  Thank you very much.  I feel so blessed I have found this course: it really has been life changing.  The course is so well planned and presented.  There is a lot to learn in a short time but we were encouraged and nurtured along the way.  I would recommend theses courses to anyone looking for the Ultimate Healing Modality.

–  Robynne Barrett, Saudi Arabia (Ex Pat)


“They Make ThetaHealing™ Accessible To Everyone.”

Pauline and Rae delivered the course with joy and heart.  I felt safe and supported when confronted with some personal beliefs that took me by surprise.  They make ThetaHealing™ accessible to everyone.

–  Catherine Pallin,  NSW,  Australia


ThetaHealing™ brings positive results.  It has shown me that anything we put our minds to we can achieve.  Pauline has an excellent knowledge of the work and it is given to us with great love and enthusiasm.  Pauline and Rae together aspire to deliver a grand experience.”

–  David Best, Plant Operator & Grader, QLD


“Every time I do a course with Pauline, I feel shinier and lighter, her passion for ThetaHealing™ and for keeping the teachings true to Vianna’s teaching is amazing.  It reflects her own joy for Living the Theta Lifestyle.  Now I have met Rae too, I can see how they compliment each other and bounce off each other’s energy.”

– Ange Sands, Ambulance Officer – NSW


“Pauline and Rae are able to really help you see how to use it for yorself and bring ThetaHealing™ into all areas of your life.  They have that gift to create a sacred space so you can heal and transform with ease and a sense of fun.”

– Sheragal Francis Furlong – QLD


“Pauline is simply a great teacher.  She is clear, easy to understand and passionate.  I was very impressed with the way the material was presented, it was so easy to follow!  Rae was such a great Assistant Teacher.  You can’t help but feel inspired after hearing both Pauline and Rae teach!  Thank you very much for the opportunity to learn from the both of you!”

– Sunni Dawson, Lawyer  – QLD


“Pauline and Rae are passionate advocates for ThetaHealing™, and that passion is evident in everything they teach.  They are compassionate healers and intuitive, responsive teachers.  I felt very comfortable with them both, for their skills, their knowledge, their openness and would recommend their courses to anyone!”

– Sandy K, QLD


“Working on issues with Rae is like having a conversation with a friend.  I had an on going grinding feeling & sound where my head connects to my spine.  Within an hour of ‘talking’ to Rae it was gone!  So was the emotion & belief that kept my head separated from my body & me separated from the life I was looking for.  Rae then taught me how to connect to my dreams which in turn taught me to manifest my dreams.  Through all of this, Rae showed me how to recognise & accept my purpose.  This came from having a ‘Theta conversation ‘ with a friend!”

– Denise Weston, NLP Practitioner, Australian Bush Flower Practitoner – USA


“I have had great ThetaHealings from both Pauline and Rae and found them to be very insightful and caring, but with a dash of humour and fun.  I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone who has problems or issues to clear and am looking for a Theta Healing Practitioner.  They are also very passionate in the work they do and have gone on to become teachers to share all they have learnt with others.”

–  Tricia J, QLD


“Pauline’s understanding of Indigo energy & the nature of/issues that Indigo’s face was a major help for me.  She understands this energy, & the ‘issues’ that these people encounter, having been an Indigo turned Rainbow herself.  She is very well-suited, balanced & qualified to help people of all ages with this type of energy & the life-challenges that come with it.”

“Rae is a dynamic & highly knowledgeable Teacher, with the edge of combining success/business training with the spiritual/healing knowledge to form an amazing, balanced combination for Well-being/success in this modern world.”

– Daniel Newman, QLD


“It is with the utmost pleasure I recommend Pauline to the world.  Aside from the fact that she is a very talented, compassionate healer, her joy in life, her happy, cheerful, bubbly personality, makes her a true delight to be around.  Just being around this lovely young lady puts joy in my heart & a smile on my face.”

– Annette Charnock, ACT


ThetaHealing™ Testimonials by The Theta Devas


“In May this year (2007), I was on an Intuitive Anatomy course in Melbourne. On one of the weekends some of my fellow course mates and I went out to dinner. For as long as I can remember anytime that I ate Mint (the herb or plant only, the flavouring was fine), it would make me instantly sick.  We ordered a lovely banquet and as I started to eat a falafel I tasted a flavour that I knew was not good. I looked across the table and said to my friend Michelle, that I was allergic to mint and she calmly replied, “Why don’t you change that?”

Well I must admit that the thought had never crossed my mind. I immediately connected with Creator and changed the beliefs surrounding mint offending me. Just to make doubly sure that it had worked, I ate the rest of the falafel and ate another one. I sat there in tune with my body, and there was no sign of a reaction. Awesome!! The next day on course, at morning tea time I walked straight up to the tea bags and made myself a cup of peppermint tea. It was so delicious, now I knew what I had been missing out on all those years. Now peppermint tea is one of my favourites and Theta is definitely a huge part of my life.”

– Pauline Longdon, QLD – ThetaHealing™ Master & Certificate of Science


“About June this year (2007), my car was having some problems with its starter motor.  I had a mechanic look at it and he said that it would be best to replace it, but showed me how to start my car until I could afford to have it fixed.

Each time I went out to start my car, I diligently did what the mechanic did and it started.  It was sort of a two person job, but one day I was at the shops alone and after a lot of juggling, I got it started.  When I got home, I told my partner, Pauline, what had happened and almost at the same time we said ‘Lets try ThetaHealing™‘.

We did a healing on the car and the starter motor to start first time every time. Well, we no longer had any problems starting the car.  It started first time every time, but if you stalled it we had to go back to the old method.  This lasted for about a month and a half, and then we decided that it was time to have the mechanic put in a new starter motor.  The mechanic was absolutely amazed when he took out the old starter motor and said that there was absolutely nothing left that would be able to start a car and it would have been impossible for us to have been starting it.

We were not surprised at all.  We knew who was really starting the car.”

– Rae Brent, QLD – Author: The Money Mirror