The Three (3) V’s

In our day-to-day lives we do things according to our Values, Vision and Vibration without even being aware of it. If at any time, any or all three are out of alignment, usually the outcome is less than optimal. It has taken me a long time to work out the delicate model that when I am in alignment with, always assures me a very happy day indeed.

I really love teaching ThetaHealing® and know that this is one time in my life that I truly live my bliss. When I look at why this is the case, I am drawn to the 3 V’s. ThetaHealing® has the same values as me, the Vision is the same, and the Vibration is amazing. So that all adds up to me having a wonderful existence. When any of the V’s are missing or what I am doing is not in alignment with my 3 V’s, then the flow slows or totally stops, the day becomes clunky and I am having to work hard to get anywhere.

This week whilst teaching a ThetaHealing® Boot Camp (Basic and Advanced ThetaHealing® Practitioner’s Course, and Manifesting and Abundance Course, all taught back to back) it became very obvious to me that the 3 V’s can be applied to everyone and everything. My students and I spoke at length about the times in our lives when we were out of alignment with ourselves and the resulting misery or drama.

All too often we allow other things to infiltrate our lives and when they are out of alignment with our Values, Vision and Vibration, there is a huge disparity and we are left feeling low, depressed or overwhelmed. By keeping in alignment with our 3 V’s, we can live the life we truly deserve. But we need to know what they are first.

What are your Values, Vision and Vibration?? Maybe you need to have a closer look at yourself and your life.

In her teachings for ThetaHealing®, Vianna Stibal talks about the importance of the 3 R’s: Resentments, Regrets, and Rejections. To be able to clear these is an amazing way to heal yourself. I have cleared an enormous amount of “stuff” using these simple yet effective procedures, and firmly believe that they are the very reason that I am able to be as clear as I am. And now to be able to implement the three V’s adds a whole new dimension to my life. I am better equipped to honor myself and my souls journey, and live without the distractions that I allowed to rule my life previously.

So next time something doesn’t quite feel right, check in with the 3 V’s. When you are in full alignment with them, you will be in your flow.

Thanks for reading,

Love, Light, Laughter and Learning,

Pauline Longdon xxx

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