ThetaHealing®: You Do What???

As a ThetaHealing® Teacher I am often asked by students and practitioners ”What do I call myself?”  To me the question is a bit perplexing and at the same time I totally understand why they ask it.  When I ask why they wouldn’t call themselves a ThetaHealer® or ThetaHealing® Practitioner, I am met with the same old answer: “But no one knows what that is.”  I ask them what they would prefer to call themselves and they usually say things like a spiritual healer, intuitive healer, intuitive counsellor, spiritual counsellor… and the list goes on.

Don’t worry, I have also been on this very journey.  In the past when I met people and they asked me what I did, I would think about how to describe what I did because I “knew” that they wouldn’t know what ThetaHealing® is.  I would say “I’m a Spiritual Healer and Teacher” and they would reply “What is that?” or simply “Huh!”.   Then I would say “well actually I am ThetaHealer®” then they would say “Huh! What is that and why didn’t you say that  before”  and then quickly become confused and lose interest.

In today’s society, the average person is bombarded with hundreds of thousands of  “advertising” messages a day and you only have a very short period of time to get someones attention.  To keep it, you need a compelling message, otherwise you lose them.  There is a saying in marketing, “If you confuse them you lose them!!”  And this is true when you introduce yourself and tell people what you do.

ThetaHealing® has been around for approximately 15 years now and to be honest  I would have expected that its name would have more of a presence than it does, but I am not so surprised due to the fact that people have a reluctance in using the name.  And this has left us where we are today, but I trust not for much longer as there are many more people in ThetaHealing® that understand Marketing and things are finally changing for the better.

I was at a Business School residential recently and we were invited up to the microphone to have our business names critiqued.  People from all different industries got up, told their story and were critiqued.  Then it was my turn, I stood their and proudly told them my business name  “Theta Devas: The New Wave in ThetaHealing®” and it was not pretty.  I was totally smashed!!  People we saying “What is ThetaHealing®”,  “I have never heard of it”, “Don’t put it in your business name”,  “Your business name sucks”.   I tell you it was a hard pill to swallow, but they were in essence right.  So many people have just never heard of it before.  Did I change my name, No.  Did I listen what they said, Absolutely, that is why I pay to be there.  And now do you think that the 200 people in that room know what ThetaHealing® is?

The story continues, because as I sat down  feeling extremely deflated, one of the women at my table said “You have to change your name, I don’t even know how to spell it.  Anyway what the hell is ThetaHealing®.  It makes no sense!”  As I was sitting there thinking of a way to reply that avoided the use of my physical body,  I had a moment of clarity (Hmm, I wonder where that came from?) and I calmly said “What do you do?” and she replied that she was an Internet Marketer.  With a fake perplexed look on my face I asked her if she Marketed the Internet to people.  Indignantly she said no, and said that everyone knows what Internet Marketing is.  I said to her that I disagreed because some people don’t even know what the internet is or have a computer, she just laughed as though I was stupid.  She continued on about how the name ThetaHealing® doesn’t tell people what it does.  Hmm,  another interesting point, but I calmly asked her what a “Plumber” does because nowhere in that word does it say what they do, or what about a Lawyer, or a Doctor.  She just looked at me as though I had the lowest IQ in the world,  and said that I was being too emotional and  she would not answer the question.

A very wise teacher once told me that “What you argue for  you get to keep.” Well due to that advice it is now rare for me to argue, so the above example is quite rare indeed.  I am happy to argue for and to keep the name ThetaHealing® because it is what I do.  If people don’t know what it is… then tell them.

We are at an interesting stage of the development of ThetaHealing® and it is starting to be more widely known.  Sometimes this is not always in a positive way but you know what we can all live without living down to people’s expectations… right?  We can all be shining Ambassadors for ThetaHealing® and all that we do.

Earlier this year at a residential for the same Business School , a woman asked me what I did and I simply replied “I am a ThetaHealing® Master” and you know what she said?  She said “Oh, I have done that course and I loved it!”  We are now great friends.  Most of the time we don’t really know the people we are meeting and their history so don’t judge them before you talk to them, don’t try to “soften” the blow,  don’t feel uneasy about what you do, there is no need to sugar coat what you do, just say proudly that you are a ThetaHealer®.

If you believe in what you do… others will as well!!

Thanks you so much for reading,

With Love, Gratitude and Appreciation,

Pauline Longdon xxx

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