ThetaHealing® and Depression

I often receive emails from people asking me how I used ThetaHealing® to sort out my Depression. Many people have not had as good a result as I have and this makes me sad. I never really thought that there was too much to it, but maybe I need to share some of my insights so that others can have a smoother journey. I appreciate that each case of depression is unique and in fact many episodes of depression could be overwhelm, so I will just stick to my own situation as it is the one that I know best. I would also like to stress that ThetaHealing® is a complimentary therapy, therefore it works with modern medicine rather than against it. Always work closely with your medical specialists in regards to any treatment that you may be on.

These days I don’t really go into my depression story before my discharge from the Army, only to say that it was a really dark time in my life. The more I tried to stay where I was, the harder it became. There were the days, weeks, months curled up in the fetal position in a puddle of tears and snot. The uncontrollable fear and anxiety that consumed my life. The stupid flash backs to situations when I was on deployments, to rehash what I had seen, as though it wasn’t enough to go through it once, I was on a never-ending loop. The extreme weight loss, and then ultimately the extreme weight gain. The feelings of absolute uselessness, hopelessness and helplessness. My world had been ripped apart.

I was fortunate in some small way though, when I was discharged from the Australian Army I was not on any medications. Earlier in the year (2005) my body had a horrible reaction and I refused to go anywhere near them after that. About a month before my discharge I actually attended my first ever ThetaHealing™ Practitioner’s course. What was the attraction? Well, somewhere in the website it mentioned being able to balance your brain chemistry and DNA activation. The balancing of the brain chemistry was the thing that I wanted most out of the course, and the course delivered. As I continued on my journey I began to discover some other concepts that I will share with you now.

Balancing of the Brain chemistry: is mentioned in the book “ThetaHealing®” by Vianna Stibal, page 227. I did this every day religiously for about a month. I started to notice that my moods balanced, I was actually starting to “feel” things again and I even started to laugh again. I actually started to forget to do this everyday and only did it whan I felt my mood slip.

Feeling Work: it was such a relief to learn this skill. I was able to start downloading feelings that I had either forgotten or never really had. These downloads gave me a new point of reference, which became a very solid foundation on which to rebuild myself. Still to this day I am still downloading new feelings. Specific to depression, I really wanted to know how to experience happiness, joy, excitement, hope, love, usefulness, empowered, worthwhile etc.

Belief Work: At the time I was also learning Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), so I was aware of the type of questioning that is found in digging, but I found that ThetaHealing® has a very fast and elegant way of dealing with things when you get to the bottom. Unfortunately I did not learn this skill on my first ThetaHealing® Practitioner’s course (for whatever reason), however when I did learn it I loved it. Out of all of the tools in my ThetaHealing® repertoire, this is the one that I have found to be the most powerful. As long as it is done correctly. There are many people who dislike digging and will tell you that it is dangerous or it doesn’t get to the bottom belief, but all I will say is that just like any tool, it’s effectiveness is dependent on the operator.

Creator’s Definition: Never, never, never accept the download of Creator’s definition of depression, or anything else that is negative. This one download put my progress back almost a year. I accepted this download by a person who assured me that they knew what they were doing and that to have Creator’s definition of depression would be better to have than my own, because then I wouldn’t think that I was depressed anymore. Many people will just sit there and shake their heads and say that it was really stupid to accept that download, well they have that knowledge now because of people like me sharing our experiences. But here is another thing, when you are just starting out, and someone who claims to be one of the best ThetaHealers® in the world tells you something, who are you going to trust and believe. Anyway, I ended up with Creator’s definition of depression for at least 6 months or more.

Heavy Metals: Heavy Metals can affect the brain and cause depression. Vianna talks about this in her “ThetaHealing®” and “Disease and Disorder” Books.

How does depression serve you, and what has it taught you?: This may be quite a confronting question, but it needs to be answered. Our mind is incredibly powerful and will create situations to serve us. In my case I truly believe that depression was a way for me to slow down. I had been deployed twice in one year, which resulted in me being away from home just short of a year. I had no sooner returned home than I was being “threatened” with another deployment. Most people will say “Well that is what you signed up for!”, well actually it wasn’t. My treatment on my deployments and through my depression (until I was discharged) was substandard and insulting. Anyway, back to how it served me. Without depression I would have continued putting up with whatever the Army threw at me, but instead it made me stop. I was incapable of even the most basic tasks, everything was totally beyond me. So depression made me take time out for me, and it taught me how to put myself first, and how to respect and honour myself.

So there you have some of my insights on the treatment of depression. Just a few things to note, not all ThetaHealing® teachers and practitioners are the same, make sure you get the best one for you. The cheapest person is just that, the cheapest person, don’t allow price to be your only guide. Do a bit of research on them before you commit to a session/course. (I started with a course because I wanted to be able to work on myself.) I have had a lot of very interesting experiences along the way and I would rather have others learn from my experience than their own. My experiences have however helped me to become a very focused and determined ThetaHealing® Master, keen to make other peoples path as smooth as it can be.

Thanks for reading,

Love, Light, Laughter and Learning,

Pauline xxx

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