ThetaHealing® Consult

ThetaHealing® Consultation / Session / Appointment

Here are just some of the Benefits of using ThetaHealing® to transform your life, so you can more forward:

ø  Achieve a greater level of health and well-being
ø  Clear fears, phobias and anxieties
ø  Resolve trauma and emotional issues
ø  Identify and transform unhealthy core beliefs
ø  Learn new healing feelings
ø  Increase forgiveness, compassion and humility
ø  Release the 3 R’s: regrets, resentments, rejections
ø  Healings at the physical, mental and spiritual level
ø  Exponentially increased self-awareness
ø  Empowered abilities to manifest wealth and prosperity
ø  Deepened spiritual connection
ø  Acceleration of Life Path with divine timings and synchronicities
ø  Liberate yourself from addictions and self-destructive behaviours
ø  Attract most compatible soul mate, job, living environment
ø  Nurture healthy and fulfilling relationships
ø  Increase creativity and connection with your inner child
ø  Heighten psychic senses and intuitive abilities
ø  Increase confidence and self-esteem
ø  Activate dormant DNA strands

Sessions can be conducted Face-To-Face, over the Phone or even on Skype.

Individual, Partner, and Business Building Sessions are available.

Your Investment is Only:

$250 AUD for a session (up to 1.5 hours)

The Theta Devas will cover the cost of the phone call to any landline within Australia.

We also use Skype for International clients.

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Call:   1300 LYF STL (593 785)

We accept the following Payment Options:

Cash, Cheque, Direct Deposit, Credit Card (Visa or Master Card) and PayPal.