ThetaHealing® And Manifesting Your Soul Mate

With Valentine’s day fast approaching, many people are wanting to attract that special person to share their lives with.

This can be a stressful process, with lots of soul-searching, wondering where you have gone wrong, and thinking that you are destined to be alone.

Others have in fact manifested exactly who they asked for, but have found that they are not exactly what they wanted.

I have found ThetaHealing® to be an easy way to for a person to manifest their most compatible soul mate, and have facilitated many successful manifestations with clients and students. But there are a few things that you need to consider before you start.

What is the best way to get it right? Well, start by knowing what qualities you want this person to have. The following tips may seem a bit harsh but as it is your life and if we do in fact create our reality, create one you like. Soul mates are an important part of our lives. So what is important to you?

Things that you may want to consider are:

Gender and sexuality:   Simple but important. I know of and have heard so many stories about people manifesting their soul mate and they don’t quite get the words right. e.g. they have asked for a person who will take care of them, cook and clean for them and be in touch with their feminine side, so they attracted a female. Not so bad if that is what you are expecting, but if you’re a female that has never been attracted to women before, it may bring up a few issues. Another story was a female who wanted a man who adored her and would go shopping with her for hours and took care of his appearance. Well, guess what, she manifested a gay man who fit all of her criteria perfectly but would not satisfy all of her desires.

Species:   Another thing that seems to be simple but when people formulate their list of criteria for their soul mate, they could be talking about a golden retriever or a cat. How many people do you know that are very connected to their pets. I know of a woman who for years was manifesting to meet her perfect soul mate and every year she attracted a new animal into her life. Now she includes ”human” in her list, and is doing much better.

Physical Features:   Be clear on what you want your partner to look like. Why would you want to manifest a soul mate that you are unable to be physically attracted to. How many times do you hear, “Oh, he was so perfect except he was way too short”, or “She was so beautiful but her nose was huge.” If you plan to be with this person for a long time, ensure they are someone you can stand to look at day after day.

A Husband or a Wife:   This one makes me laugh. Many people will include this on their list but they don’t say whose husband or wife they want. I have had so many people contact me and say “my manifestation seems to be working but I am only attracting married men”, when I get them to check their list, they alway have a husband on it but with no discernment on whose husband. We then change it to the person being emotionally available to be their husband. Things shift quickly after that.

Children:   Do you want to have children with your soul mate. A friend of mine said that she wanted to have 3 children with her soul mate and when he came along, he already has 3 children, so now they are hers. So be specific as to where the children are going to come from.

Perfect vs. Compatible:   Perfect may be too like you and may not grow with you, where as compatible is just different enough to keep things interesting.

These may seem to be simple tips, but when they are overlooked they can lead to very interesting situations materializing in your life.

Another way to manifest your most compatible soul mate is to see if you have any blocks e.g. Is it easier to look for them, than it is to work on building a relationship with them? Will you know what to do with them when you get them?? Is your list accidentally on purpose too impractical to get what you want? Do you even love yourself, if you don’t, how can anyone else? Are you in love with yourself? Would you go out with yourself?? If the answer is “NO” then you need to work on why that is. Are you afraid of deep intimacy? Does love equal pain, hurt, rejection? Do you know how to share all that you have? And of course always ask how these blocks or this behaviour serves you. These blocks will have a huge effect on your ability to attract that special person that you desire. Clear them and you will give yourself a much better chance.

So once you have your list and have cleared your blocks, ThetaHealing® is an awesome way to manifest the soul mate that you desire.

So when you are manifesting your most compatible soul mate, just remember that you just need to be clear on who it is you are attracting.

And of course, always be aware that you are manifesting a real person, they are already out there with their own life going on before you meet. There may be some work to do but it will all be well worth it as you create the life you truly deserve.

Thanks for reading,

Love, Light, Laughter and Learning,

Pauline xxx

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