ThetaHealing – No Problems Only Solutions!

A question posed to me several years ago, “What does ThetaHealing offer people?” would have been answered by the younger me, with the raw unbridled enthusiasm and passion of an Evangelist giving their Sunday sermon. I would hardly take a breath whilst the person who asked the question was cringing and wishing they had never asked me.

Oblivious to their discomfort, I would continue because I just wanted everyone to know how good ThetaHealing was, and why they needed to do it. I had now idea of what they really wanted or needed, I was just seeing their situation through my own very limited view of the world. This was a problem.

It is a trap we all fall into. We find something in life, it moves us, touches our heart and we need to tell everyone else about it. I was no different. You see, I was going through one of the darkest periods of my life and despite desperate searches nothing was helping the depressive illness that was destroying my life.

I had tried almost everything I could find and nothing was working. I was drawn to other modalities and even tried to learn them, however the harder I pushed the harder it became to pursue them. There was only one modality where everything just “flowed”.

Enter ThetaHealing. Somehow (and I know we have all heard it before) my search lead me to this simple yet highly effective healing technique.

To my relief, within a relatively short amount of time my depressive symptoms had started to ease and I was starting to engage in life again.   As I began my recovery I started to attract people who wanted me to help them.

At first I was very reluctant because I thought it was too much responsibility for me to take on. As time went on I realised one very important factor… everyone is responsible for themselves and their own life. This included me.

I decided to take responsibility for my life and my results and started to change the way I thought about life.   I started to become more comfortable with my life and stopped seeing it as a struggle.

This had a ripple effect in all aspects of my life. My ThetaHealing clients started to comment on the improvement of the quality of sessions and I noticed the changes within myself. I was no longer “trying” to make things happen, I was starting to allow the change that was required in that moment to occur. It was a much better place to be and I was a much better person because of it.

A wise man once said “You must be the change you wish to see in the World” – that man was Gandhi, and it is a simple mantra I live by everyday of my life.

One of my Mentors a while ago asked me to tell them what ThetaHealing offers people. In a much calmer manner I described all the benefits and informed them it could do so much for so many people. To which he replied “You can’t be all things, to all people”.

I was so deflated because I thought I had finally found the way to explain what ThetaHealing is and does for people, yet he didn’t get it.

I went away and sat in quiet quantumplation (I know this is not a real word, it is just one I made up, and it just fits so well) and looked for the answer. Then I got it… I only have to be one thing, to one person at one time!

I told my Mentor and they finally got it.

So the answer is really quite simple…   “What does ThetaHealing offer people?”… A solution to problems.

If people don’t think they have a problem, they won’t be looking for a solution therefore there will always be resistance. When they are aware of the problem, they will look for a solution and the flow will follow.

ThetaHealing only needs to be “one thing” to that one person and that is… a Solution. No problem!


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